Leantronics launches official website /Jan 2005

Leantronics expands US footprint with Sales Office in New England / Feb 2009

Leantronics creates a dedicated Technology Transfer Division -“NRGLaunch" www.NRGLaunch.com

Why Leantronics?

Our passion and expertise to get the best deals have greatly benefited the companies that have employed us. Leantronics is a Strategic Sourcing company dedicated to improving your manufacturing options by locating more cost effective quality sources to maximize your profits and minimize your risks. We are staffed with purchasing and engineering professionals who have held senior level positions at large OEM & EMS companies around the world.

Our goal is to help you create the Best Bill of Materials possible while providing excellent customer service. As such, we provide a number of options for our customers. We let you pick the best one suited to your needs at any given time. At Leantronics we can serve you as a Manufacturer Representative, Wholesaler, Consultant or as an extension of your own team.

Our expertise and highly competitive products include printed wiring boards (PWBs), electro-mechanical products and all electronic components.

About Leantronics

We have a very successful track record providing quality products in a timely manner that substantially increases the profitability of our customers. Let our expertise and know how in off shore dealing be your gain.

We'd like to arrange some time with you to introduce ourselves and our services. Together we'll explore potential opportunities for Leantronics to make your company more competitive and save you money.

Our Suppliers

The majority of our suppliers are located in the Far East. These suppliers have been audited and approved by a team of engineering and quality control people. All of our suppliers have a reputation of providing quality products with timely deliveries.

The Process

Our staff reviews all data before sending for quotation to ensure complete information is sent to the suppliers. As necessary, we will have one of our regional engineers/staff be on site at the supplier to supervise the initial production run.

Why do some companies fear dealing off shore?

We've discovered the problem that most people have is that although they have heard about and maybe experienced some offshore dealings they are timid because:

A)    Off shore is hard to deal with.

B)    Most of the time you don't know who you are dealing with.

C)    Communication is difficult.

D)    Usually you have to put your money down up front and wait and hope you get a good quality product.

E)     If the product is unsatisfactory getting resolution is hard to do

The Benefits of Dealing Off Shore Through Leantronics.

A)     We have had experience dealing with off shore companies and know exactly what is required

B)      The companies we are dealing with have been visited by a team of quality, engineering and purchasing people and unsatisfactory facilities have been vetted out.

C)     We have local/regional engineering people who speak the language and know how to communicate our wishes and solve possible problems before we proceed. Our people are experienced with the products we are selling and can deal directly with your engineers.

D)     As a Wholesaler, we take the monetary risk away from the customer because you get your product and an opportunity to inspect for quality prior to paying for anything.

E)      If the product is unsatisfactory, we will help you to trouble-shoot the problem.

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